RMS Energy truck at a power facility



RMS Energy Co., LLC (www.rmsenergy.com) is a nationwide electrical consulting and construction firm centered in Randall, MN, that helps facilities and their power systems to operate at peak efficiency. RMS Energy specializes in Isolated Phase Bus Systems; Cable Bus Systems; Non-Segregated Bus Systems; Bus Bar; Switchgear; Substations; Transformers; Protection and Control Relays; Circuit Breakers and more.


When RMS Energy was created, it was all due to the vision of its founder, Cody Cook. Mr. Cook had several decades of experience in the energy consulting industry. He had worked for Electrical Builders Inc.; Black & Veatch; Overland Contracting; COMM Engineering; OAR Specialty Services; Lynx Iron Corp.; and Nepco. In 2012, Mr. Cook decided to start RMS Energy, and used his contacts, reputation and experience to put the new company on a fast-track for growth.


RMS Energy provides experienced solutions for power facilities and operations nationwide


The creation of MidStates Energy proved to be highly complementary to RMS Energy’s nationwide services. The two companies were now able to service more power plants and industrial facilities throughout North America. Revenue increased, and the two companies were hiring more and more employees to keep up with the spiking demand for services.


Justin D. Johnson, who held senior positions within the energy industry, was brought on around the same time to create an operations and sales structure for the company and helped recruit key staff members. He also established the Field Services and Engineering divisions for RMS, expanding the company's capabilities even more.


A new headquarters building was built in 2017, which serves as the central hub for RMS operations today. By the beginning of 2021, RMS Energy and its affiliate, MidStates Energy, were growing substantially. The company made recent acquisitions of other businesses as part of its growth strategy, including Becker Mitchell Services (BMS), Rehagen Electrical Contracting, and North American Field Service.

The company makes for a powerful force in the industry that has well-trained employees, a solid reputation and unmatched quality service among power plants and industrial facilities in North America and beyond. All employees are embraced as essential to the team's experience and diversity, and they are considered by management as the reason for the amazing growth and success of RMS Energy.

RMS Energy has 17 convenient locations across the United States

Much of the early days of RMS were co-funded by a division of Rocky Mountain Structures of Denver, CO. The company’s owners provided Mr. Cook with the funding and resources that allowed RMS to acquire critical equipment and vehicles to facilitate nationwide distribution of RMS’s services.


By 2015, RMS Energy had grown from a fledging consulting firm to a company that was generating strong revenue. It was at that time that Mr. Cook was introduced to Nathan Naeger, who had years of management, documentation and commissioning experience for commercial and industrial projects. A partnership soon formed, and Mr. Cook and Mr. Naeger created an offshoot of RMS Energy, known as MidStates Energy Co., LLC.  This new firm was created to focus on industrial and commercial installations, controls upgrades, substation maintenance and design, and other maintenance and engineering projects.


RMS Energy is a nationwide firm with strategic locations for fast staging for its customers. The company's headquarters are located in Randall, Minnesota.