RMS Advanced Technologies


Electromagnetic Signature Analysis (EMSA) is a highly advanced technology that represents a major leap forward in electrical testing and diagnostics. EMSA testing is performed while tested facilities are at full power, and no outage is necessary, a major advantage to energy clients of RMS Energy concerned about downtime during scheduled maintenance procedures.

  • Online non-invasive

  • No outage required

  • Detects defects in generators, bus systems, transformers, motors, switchgear, switchyards and associated electrical system components

  • Static test, typically annual test cycle

  • Employs proprietary hardware, software and handheld Radar 246A EMI sniffer technology


The Watchkeeper System Command Module

This is an advanced system designed to keep valuable electrical assets and your business operational around the clock. We use complex signal analysis monitoring to detect even the smallest of faults before they fail.


  • Electrical signature analysis performance is constant, 24 hours a day

  • Same system as EMSA testing, but with a powerful onsite computer to constantly analyze data signals

  • State-of-the-art proprietary software samples, captures and analyzes data

  • Detects system problems immediately when they occur and notifies Command Center

The software samples, captures and analyzes critical data

Handheld Radar Engineering Sniffer