Cleaning and Inspections

We Clean and Inspect With a Customized Approach

Every job at every facility is different. As a full service Isolated Phase Bus contractor, RMS Energy takes great care to scope each job up front so that we can customize our approach in order to thoroughly inspect and clean the job in great detail. And with safety and efficiency in mind, we’ll repair any weaknesses or damage that we find.

Cryogenic Cleaning

Cryogenic cleaning with dry ice is among the best and safest cleaning methods. With cryogenic cleaning from RMS Energy, the method is non-abrasive, which eliminates nearly any chance of damage to the surface. This dry process makes it safe around electrical components in your plant, and is non-conductive, free of harmful emissions and most of all, safe for employees.

Cryogenic cleaning uses the latest technology to minimize harmful environmental impacts and reduce damage to surfaces or equipment. With this type of safe cleaning, there is no longer a need for sandblasting, chemical cleaning, water or steam applications, or manual scrubbing. That translates to a safe, cheaper alternative when cleaning critical power components.

Cryogenic cleaning from RMS Energy is the premiere choice for many power facilities nationwide. The benefits include:

  • Reduced Downtime

  • Reduced Disassembly

  • Prolonged Equipment Life

  • Environmentally Friendly



RMS Energy takes on the project with a full diagnostic, using a combination of approaches to identify weaknesses and damage, including a complete visual inspection, thermal imaging, EMI diagnostics and Hi-Pot and Megger testing. This thorough diagnostic will identify damaged support insulators, corrosion, faulty bus connections, stray currents, defective insulation and damaged hardware. That’s followed by a comprehensive analysis that combines all the data from the diagnostics to give you a full report on the findings.

Damage We Look For


  • Insulators for chips, cracking, corona, tracking

  • Cracked weld joints, outside water intrusion 

  • Conductor connections, condensation

  • Dirt and debris, damaged gaskets/bellows

  • IPB grounding, overheating, improper installation

  • Bad welds, loose or broken support insulators

  • Loose, corroded or damaged hardware

  • Defective insulation

  • Cracked and broken aluminum laminate

  • Failure of conductor thermal expansion joint



With the expertise of RMS Energy, your facility gets the benefit of preventive and predictive maintenance through state-of-the-art testing techniques and equipment. 

  • Thermographic Surveys

  • Ultrasound

  • Power Quality and Harmonic Analysis

  • Oil Sampling

  • SF6 Sampling

  • Partial Discharge​


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