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Santan Generating System

Owner: SRP - Santan Generating Station, Gilbert, Arizona

Project Summary: RMS Energy was contracted to conduct repairs on critical components of the Santan Generating Station in Arizona after a major transformer fire occurred. The project included the installation of entirely new Isolated Phase Bus Duct (IPB) sections, as well as numerous field modifications and tests to ensure these components matched the new transformer. These repairs and modifications were completed within a critical timeframe to ensure the system experienced only minimal downtime.

About the Client: The Santan Generating Station is located in Gilbert, Arizona, and is owned and operated by SRP, one of the nation's largest public power utilities, providing electricity and water to more than 2 million people in Central Arizona. The 1193MW natural gas plant is capable of producing power quickly, and thus is used to supplement area base-load plants.


  • Rough cut IPB and lower sections of bus to the ground

  • Installed new doghouse (termination enclosure) on new GSU transformer

  • Tap concrete, install anchor bolts and support steel

  • Field modifications required to modify new doghouse to match new transformer and modifications to new support steel to support proper new tap holes in concrete and adjustments to new IPB

  • Install new sections of IPB, weld out conductor, enclosure, wall plate, and doghouse, Megger test and DC Hi-Pot test

Schahfer Generating Station

Project #1: Non-Segregated Install

Owner: Schahfer Generating Station – Wheatfield, Indiana

Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to install a new Non-Segregated Bus Duct System for the Schahfer Generating Station located in Wheatfield, Indiana. The project involved the direct supervision of the entire installation process, including comprehensive project safety evaluations, efficient system setup, and a full panel of quality tests to ensure long-term system reliability.

About the Client: The Rollin M. Schahfer Generation Station in Wheatfield, Indiana, is a coal-fired power station owned and operated by the Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO). The station provides power to tens of thousands of residents in Northern Indiana.

Schahfer Generating Station (#2)

Project #2: Comprehensive IPB Cleaning
Owner: Schahfer Generating Station – Wheatfield, Indiana

Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to conduct a comprehensive cleaning of critical components of the IPB system, including the wiping down of bus racks and insulators, as well as fitting a plastic coating inside the IPB to reduce foreign material within the system. The project included consulting the client by lending recommendations of the most efficient and cost effective methods of completing the task at hand.


About the Client: The Rollin M. Schahfer Generation Station, located in Wheatfield, Indiana, is a coal-fired power station owned and operated by the Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO). The station provides power to tens of thousands of residents in Northern Indiana.


Cryogenic cleaning of U15 Non-Seg bus section (between U15 and U14 TAP)
Wipe down bus racks (“gun racks”) and insulators
Vacuumed areas that were accessible
Covered the inside bus with plastic to assist in reducing foreign material
Performed inspection and made subsequent recommendations

Seabrook Station

Owner: NextEra Energy 

Contracted Through: Siemens

Project Summary:  RMS Energy was hired by Siemens to remove three step-up transformers and replace them with new transformers at the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plan. The project was conducted over the course of 23 days in October 2015.

About the Client: The Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant, otherwise known as Seabrook Station, is a nuclear power plant located in Seabrook, New Hampshire. With its 1,244-megawatt electrical output, Seabrook Unit 1 is the largest individual electrical generating unit on the New England power grid. It is the second largest nuclear plant in New England after the two-unit Millstone Nuclear Power Plant in Connecticut.

Project Details:

Disconnect ground bus from 345kV line 
Remove doghouse covers  
Remove transformer connections
Prep and install new sections
Perform lead paint test on IPB prior to cutting
Remove bushing cap
Install, align and weld out new IPB conductor
Re-install, align and weld out existing enclosure
Clean and inspect IPB in immediate area
RMS CranesRMS RiggingModular Power

Southaven Combined Cycle

Owner: Southaven Combined Cycle Plant – Southaven, Mississippi
Contracted through: TVA

Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to preform the inspection of STG and CTG duct work, as well as installation and testing of many critical systemic components of various IPB systems within the Southaven Combined Cycle Plant. The project included working directly with the client to ensure that the installations occurred quickly and safely to limit downtime.

About the Client: The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is a federally owned corporation providing electricity generation, among other services, to the greater Tennessee Valley area. Southaven Combined Cycle Plant, one of the many plants owned by TVA, is located in Southaven, Mississippi, and is a natural gas powered station providing power to tens of thousands of residents in the suburban Memphis area.


Inspect and repair STG and CTG Skybreakers and Duct Work
Unit 3 remove access covers, clean and vacuum reachable areas, inspect area, install new gaskets, DC HI-Pot test and pressure test IPB
Unit 2 remove access covers, clean and vacuum reachable areas, inspect area, install new gaskets, DC Hi-Pot test and pressure test IPB
Checked and tightened to correct torque value the electrical connections

Spring Creek Energy Center

Owner: Spring Creek Energy Center, Edmond, Oklahoma
Contracted through: Westar Energy

Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to perform a general circuit breaker replacement on four units in the Spring Creek Energy Center. The project included a full system analysis including a complete diagnostics panel, as well as the safe and efficient installation of the four new circuit breakers.

About the Client: The Spring Creek Energy Center, located in Edmond, Oklahoma, is one of many plants owned and operated by Westar Energy, the largest energy company in Kansas. Westar Energy provides power to more than 690,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the eastern third of Kansas and northern Oklahoma.


  • General Contractor to perform Generator Circuit Breaker Replacement Project on Units 1-4      

Talbot Energy Facility

Owner: Oglethorpe


Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to a perform a variety of maintenance work at this facility. See project details.


About the Client: The Talbot Energy Facility, located in Talbot County, is one of the plants owned by Oglethorpe Power Corporation, the largest electric power cooperative in the United States. Oglethorpe Power's plants are capable of generating a combined 5,790 megawatts of capacity.


  • Two mobilization/demobilizations included (one for units 5,6,1,2 & one for Unit 3 and 4) 

  • Temporarily remove rubber boots for access 

  • Replace gasket material 

  • Reinstall rubber boots with new bands

Trimble County

Owner: LG&E/Kentucky Utilities
General Contractor: Bechtel

Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to work on this LG&E project, which involved the removal and reinstallation of a transformer bushing, and disconnection of braids from the GSU transformer and generator connections. A Hi-Pot test was conducted on the Isolated Phase Bus (IPB), which was reinstalled and welded. All hardware and braided connections were reestablished.

About the Client: LG&E and KU Energy LLC is headquartered in Louisville, Ky, and is a diversified energy services company that is a member of the PPL family of companies. They are one of the U.S.'s lowest-cost energy providers and are considered an industry innovator, operating in Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee.

Project Detail:

Disconnected braids from main Generator Step-Up (GSU) transformer and two auxiliary transformers
Excitation and VT/SA cubicle and generator connections
Hi-Pot test of the Isolated Phase Bus (IPB) conducted
First elbow cut out at main GSU transformer on all three phases to assist with the transformer bushing removal/reinstallation
Re-installed Isolated Phase Bus and welded out
Reinstalled all flexible braided connections

Walter M. Higgins Generating Station

Owner: NV Energy

Project Summary: RMS Energy conducted a variety of maintenance work at this generating station. See details below.

About the Client: The Walter M. Higgins Generating Station is a clean-burning natural gas-fueled power plant located in Southern Nevada near the California border. The plant utilizes two highly efficient Siemens-Westinghouse 501FD2 combustion turbines to produce electricity. Additionally, the exhaust from the two turbines is recycled to produce steam or an Alstom STF30C steam turbine to make additional electricity for NV Energy customers. The plant went into service in 2004. 


  • Disconnect transformer termination assembly

  • Cut opening on three doghouses to allow bushing access from above 

Watts Bar

About the Client: The Watts Bar Nuclear Power Plant is a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) nuclear reactor pair used for electric power generation. It is located on a site in Rhea County, Tennessee, near Spring City, between the cities of Chattanooga and Knoxville. Watts Bar supplies enough electricity for 1,200,000 households in the Tennessee Valley. The plant has two Westinghouse pressurized water reactor units: Unit 1, completed in 1996, and Unit 2, completed in 2015. Unit 1 has a winter net dependable generating capacity of 1,167 megawatts. Unit 2 has a capacity of 1,165 megawatts. Unit 2 is the most recent civilian reactor to come on-line in the United States and the first new reactor to enter service in the United States after a 20-year hiatus.


- AC Hi-Pot Test

- Repair cracked insulator

- Trained for cutting of isophase bus without lead abatement

- Provide rivet nuts and install tool

Wilson Dam

Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to perform a variety of maintenance work at this site, including adding an extension of an isophase bus duct and installation of various components.

About the Client: Wilson Dam is a dam spanning the Tennessee River between Lauderdale County and Colbert County in the U.S. state of Alabama. It impounds Wilson Lake. It is one of nine Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) dams on the Tennessee River. The dam was declared a National Historic Landmark on November 13, 1966.



- Installed extension of iso-phase bus duct

- Cut conductors, welded extensions to all three phases

- Reassemble conductor connections

- Installed hardware and torqued to specs

- Added GPO3 between the phases

- Welded enclosure extension complete top and bottom on GCB side  Welded extension enclosure on top side of connection, drilled and bolted bottom with GPO3 insulation between the GSU and enclosure connection Add extension plates to make connections to the laments and low voltage bushings , bolted and torqued to spec

Xcel Energy

Owner: Xcel Energy – Rocky Mountain Energy Center, Keenesburg, Colorado
Contracted through: SPX Transformer Solutions, Inc.

Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to assist the transformer crew with the installation of new gaskets on transformer bushings. The project included cutting, rigging, and re-fitting of all three phases of the plant’s IPB system. Comprehensive field quality inspections and testing was performed to ensure the safety and efficacy of the system.

About the Client: The Rocky Mountain Energy Center in Kennesburg, Colorado, is a natural gas fired, 508MW power generation plant, purchased by Xcel Energy in 2010 to add to the diversity of its generation resource mix. The low-impact plant is used to supplement renewable energy sources within Xcel’s Colorado grid. Xcel Energy Inc. is a utility holding company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, serving more than 3.3 million electric customers and 1.8 million natural gas customers.


Assist transformer crew with new gasket installation on transformer bushings
Cut all three phases of IPB enclosure, remove doghouse
Gasket replacement and installation
Rigged doghouse with turrets and bushings attached, lifted as one piece, lowered and set back into place, bolted back
Weld enclosure collars

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