Engineering & Design

Engineering Capabilities Including System Protection, Analysis and Electrical Design

RMS Energy offers a variety of engineering capabilities to help your power facility operate at peak efficiency while providing services to help you reconfigure your electrical design.

From system protection and analysis that includes arc flash and harmonic studies, to electrical design that includes AC/DC control schematics and layout support for equipment and substations, RMS Energy has the full-service engineering capabilities you need.

System Protection/Analysis:

  • Arc flash studies

  • Short circuit analysis

  • Harmonic studies

  • Relay coordination

  • Lightning protection

Electrical Design:

  • Specification development

  • One-line development

  • AC control schematics

  • DC control schematics

  • Point to point (wiring) diagrams

  • Communications schematics

  • Relay logic and programming

  • Equipment layout

  • Substation layout


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