Repair, Replace & Maintain

Isolated Phase Bus, Cable Bus, Non-Segregated Bus

Repair, Replacement and Maintenance Work Are Our Expertise

Limiting downtime is the key to stronger profitability for any power facility. That's why RMS Energy has become experts at repairing, replacing and maintaining your key power systems, including isolated phase bus, cable bus, non-segregated bus, and other critical equipment.


Through our comprehensive inspection program, if we find damage or other weaknesses, we put a plan in place to repair or replace the equipment in question.


Our crews will replace insulators, gasket material and any other hardware that are either damaged, aged or identified as a weakness. We will re-silver plate terminals while they are on the apparatus, and then we verify all ground connections.


Our thorough testing will also ensure that your isolated phase, cable, segregated or non-segregated system is properly restored and performing optimally before we leave the job.

The RMS Energy team will work with you and your organization end-to-end to get the job inspected, cleaned and repaired thoroughly and efficiently. 


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