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RMS Energy is a nationwide consulting and construction firm that helps energy facilities to keep operating at peak efficiency through comprehensive inspections, repair, refurbishment and maintenance programs of isolated phase bus, cable bus, and non-segregated bus systems. RMS Energy is known throughout the industry as a single resource to help keep power plants running smoothly.
Bus Systems

RMS Energy has a strong track record of repairing, maintaining and installing new isolated phase and non-segregated bus systems in power plants across North America.

Inspections & Cleaning

RMS Energy conducts full diagnostics, including visual inspections, thermal imaging, EMI diagnostics and Hi-Pot and Megger testing. Our cryogenic cleaning process is also safe and effective.


Whether it's repair, refurbishment or replacement of critical systems, RMS Energy can make the assessment and put a plan into place quickly to keep you up and running.

Specialty Services

From inspections, to testing, general welding, substation welding, power control room installations, in-field silver plating, parts provision and more, RMS Energy is your single source to keep running smoothly.

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