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Rely on RMS Energy to Help Your Power Facility Stay Up and Running

RMS Energy is in business to help plant managers and other personnel keep their power facilities up and running nationwide.



RMS Energy can accommodate complete system replacement, repair and replacement of individual parts to avoid costly down time for your facility. RMS can also provide a range of specialty and custom fit parts to meet the unique needs of your facility. This includes the provision of specialty cubicles and accessories.

Welding and Substation Welding

By relying on the skilled welding crews from RMS Energy, your organization will get plenty of advantages, including:

  • Quality welders, skillfully trained in bus manufacturers' equipment, and in other aspects of bus construction and repair;

  • Adherence to tough standards, as our welders are qualified in American Welding Society’s (AWS) D1.2 code, and are verified by Powell/Delta Unibus

RMS Energy is AWS certified and specializes in welding on substations anywhere in the United States. We have the ability to set up portable welding machines specifically for substation welding. Our portable machines are trailered with welder, generator, stands, supplies, Aragon, filler rod, and all hand tools necessary for us to do the job.

Our teams are trained to perform the fitting, cutting, specialized welding, measuring, and will help with setting of frames and bus (per contract agreements). While some jobs are weld-only, our crews typically assist with other onsite demands as well.  

Silver Plating


We perform on-apparatus silver plating, the same processes and procedures used by the leading Isolated Phase Bus manufacturers in the industry. With silver plating, we work with non-cyanide-based chemicals, and our process meets all industry standards, being certified by SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts. 

IR Camera

RMS Energy is now utilizing a top of the line infrared (IR) camera to paint a vivid picture both inside and outside of the Isolated Phase Bus (IPB) and non-segregated systems. With our new camera, we can capture what the naked eye simply cannot via thermal imaging.

Power Control Room

When it comes to installation and repair of Power Control Rooms at your facility, you need to rely on experts who have specific experience in managing such a complicated project. At RMS Energy, our team has the right project background for receiving, setting up, installation and commissioning of Power Control Rooms (PCR). In addition to set-up and installation, RMS Energy can take care of all exterior finishes and ongoing repairs for PCR: a total turnkey solution.


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