Bus Systems

Experts on Isolated Phase and Non-Segregated Bus Systems

At RMS Energy, our team is considered expert on repairs, maintenance and installations of isolated phase and non-segregated bus duct systems. We pride ourselves on scoping every job as though it’s our own. We take great care to ensure that safety, speed and quality are delivered on every new install.

With new installations, our prefabrication of isolated phase or non-segregated bus in the yard saves time by allowing for welding on the ground, versus more dangerous and time-consuming elevated procedures. With detailed and thorough ground prep, we’ll have less crane picks, and that translates faster installs and a higher safety ratio.

We will handle all scheduling, ensure proper ordering of materials, and perform the install to the design and specifications. As a full-service bus system contractor, RMS Energy starts with the end in mind to eliminate risks and potential delays in each installation project.

We believe in accountability and transparency throughout the project, and we’ll work collaboratively with you on innovative solutions to difficult challenges. Our management is always accessible and available on every project – large and small.

RMS Energy also provides detailed inspections and cryogenic cleaning of bus systems and other critical equipment. 


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