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GET A COMPLIMENTARY VISUAL INSPECTION | Often times, simple things can be overlooked when it comes to transformer operations. A bad gauge, a misreading, or in the case of the problem below, an abnormal coolant temperature reading, which could be a sign of a needed oil top-off or system repairs. In this case, a 47-degree Celsius reading spotted by the RMS Energy team meant that there was a possible leak or coolant issue, and if left untreated, could have led to an unplanned outage on a critical piece of electrical equipment.

The team at RMS Energy has the knowledge and training to look for signs of leaks, cooling problems, and other issues that can result in costly downtime.

We offer a COMPLIMENTARY VISUAL INSPECTION of your system, which will help ensure that your operation continues to run safely, reliably and in an environmentally sound manner.

Contact RMS Energy today for a complimentary visual inspection on your transformer equipment.

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