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FEATURED ENGINEERING SOLUTION | Custom Enclosed Generator Circuit Breakers.

Our custom units are designed for each customer’s site to replace existing outdoor GCBs. At RMS Energy, we select components, coordinate the primary bus path, size the enclosure and provide control conduit entry points to fit each site’s required ratings and features.

Example Product Specifications:

  • Custom outdoor enclosure with roof mounted through-bushings for pad mounting within a switchyard

  • 15kV 3000A fixed mounted vacuum generator circuit breaker, 63kA symmetrical short circuit current rating, 95kV BIL

  • (2) Class C400 current transformers per bushing

  • Low voltage control compartment below the circuit breaker

  • Enclosure vents are removable so that they may be easily cleaned and reinstalled

  • Bushing roof panel will always be made of stainless steel, but the enclosure itself can be made of stainless or hot rolled steel with a durable powder coat finish.

We can customize specs to fit your requirements. Contact RMS Energy today to learn more about our customized engineering solution.

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