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EMSA is Game Changing

Electromagnetic Signature Analysis (EMSA) is a state-of-the-art method of testing and monitoring of electrical power apparatus – while in operation. This development is a game changer and represents a new and wide-open market that is currently in its relative infancy. EMSA represents a major step-change in electrical testing and diagnostics.

Our RMS WATCHKEEPER system takes EMSA testing to a whole new level, as it is the wave of the future. Imagine a world where electrical signature analysis is performed constantly, and unwanted electrical faults and expensive unplanned outages are avoided. The RMS WATCHKEEPER is a natural progression of electrical testing.

The RMS WATCHKEEPER system consists of the same technology used in standard EMSA testing, but also consist of a powerful computer for onsite processing; a proprietary software to sample, capture, and analyze data; a link to the cloud for data transfer; and proprietary software with setpoints for alarm at the command center(s).

Read more about EMSA and the RMS WATCHKEEPER at

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