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Installation of a Non-Seg Bus

RMS Energy installs and maintains bus duct systems at facilities across the country. Our teams are well trained and have the experience and know-how to get the job done right, and on time.

Recently the team at RMS Energy installed a non-seg bus system at a power facility in Ohio. While segregated bus duct systems house 3-phase conductors in a common enclosure separated by means of a metallic wall, non-segregated bus systems house all the 3-phase conductors separated only by air. There are several inherent comparative advantages between the two systems, and the choice is often made to meet the needs of the facility. Non-segregated bus duct systems are more popular and cost effective, whereas segregated systems offer a bit more reliability and safety.

RMS ENERGY CO. is an industry leader, providing comprehensive solutions in isolated phase, non-seg and cable bus systems, switchgear, substations, transformers, relays, commissioning, testing, engineering, professional services and more.

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