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IS YOUR TRANSFORMER LEAKING? | A leaky transformer can lead to major problems, with moisture resulting in a breakdown of insulating fluids, shortening the life of the paper insulation. On the outside, insulating fluid leaks can generate further deterioration of the radiator flange gaskets, damage to gauges, external environmental and safety problems.

While such leaks are common, some maintenance personnel can easily miss the signs of corrosion, thermocouple issues, coolant readings, and other telltale signs of potential oil level issues. When left unidentified, transformers can become expensive machines to repair or replace.

Rely on the team at RMS Energy for a COMPLIMENTARY VISUAL INSPECTION of your transformer and critical power equipment. We are trained to spot issues before they become serious problems, and can handle silicon, FR3, oil and R-temp fluids. To keep your transformer running safely, efficiently, reliably and in an eco-friendly manner, contact us today.

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