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RMS buys majority shares of BMS

RMS ENERGY STRATEGICALLY PARTNERS WITH BECKER MITCHELL SERVICES, LLC IN INDUSTRY EXPANSION In a major move to expand its services and capabilities nationwide, RMS Energy Co., LLC announced that it is purchasing the majority shares of Becker Mitchell Services, LLC (BMS), a transformer field service business located in Austin, Texas. BMS provides large power transformer and substation field service to the energy industry, including transformer installations, maintenance, repair and testing.

BMS’s current customers will continue to be serviced by BMS while under the RMS Energy umbrella. The transaction is expected to close in January 2021.

“The core business of BMS further strengthens our ability to provide reliable and efficient transformer and substation equipment service to our customers,” says Cody Cook, president of RMS Energy. “The addition of the BMS services is a perfect complement to everything we offer.”

The 3-year-old BMS is owned by founder Scott Becker, who will remain an equity partner and will assume the role as General Manager for the Transformer Field Service Division. “With BMS joining the RMS family, we can now offer services for all equipment and components within electrical substations and I believe our customers will appreciate the ‘one-stop-shop’ that is RMS Energy,” says Becker.

RMS Energy Co., with its headquarters located in Randall, Minn., works nationally and internationally with power facilities in providing comprehensive field, commissioning, transformer, engineering and professional services in isolated phase, non-seg and cable bus systems, switchgear, substations, transformers, relays, project management services and more.

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