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RMS Expands with Advanced Technologies

RANDALL, MN -- February 16, 2021 -- RMS Energy ( has acquired a new state-of-the-art method of testing and monitoring electrical power apparatuses that represents a game changer in the energy industry.

Electromagnetic Signature Analysis (EMSA) is a highly advanced technology that is a major leap forward in electrical testing and diagnostics. EMSA testing is performed while tested facilities are at full power, and no outage is necessary, a major advantage to energy clients of RMS Energy concerned about uptime during scheduled maintenance procedures. Additionally, no equipment is removed from service, locked out, tagged, grounded or connected during testing.

“The electric power industry has not significantly advanced in the development of testing and monitoring system capabilities when compared to other technologies,” says Cody Cook, president of RMS Energy. “This EMSA technology closes the gap in available technology and is a large benefit to our customers.”

Richard K. Ladroga, PE, the commercial developer of the EMSA system, is joining RMS Energy, along with Peter Longo, another close associate, both with more than 30 years of industry experience. James Timperley, PE, and Jose Vallejo, PE, will also serve as technical and business development consultants to RMS. Timperley dedicated his entire 50+ year career to the technical development of applying EMSA technology to large electrical power apparatus and systems. Longo has also devoted the past 15 years of his career to applying EMSA testing and analysis to high voltage electrical systems, while Vallejo has been instrumental in bringing EMSA technology to the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.

“All data is collected through electromagnetic coupling,” explains Ladroga. “We are able to review and interpret the electromagnetic signature and identify any anomalies or incipient faults very early in their development, long before they become known problems. This technology goes far beyond online Partial Discharge testing, or other offline tests. This method saves countless outage, maintenance, and equipment failure dollars, as it performs what no other methods can do.”

In addition to EMSA, an advanced monitoring system called Watchkeeper is being adopted by RMS Energy as a way to evaluate critical electrical assets 24 hours a day. Watchkeeper was also developed by Ladroga.

“The Watchkeeper system takes EMSA testing to an entirely new level,” says Ladroga. “It is the wave of the future where electrical signature analysis is performed constantly, and unwanted electrical faults and expensive unplanned outages are avoided.”

The Watchkeeper is a natural progression of electrical testing and consists of the same technology used in standard EMSA testing, but with use of a powerful computer for onsite processing; a proprietary software to sample, capture, and analyze data; a link to the cloud for data transfer; and proprietary software with setpoints for alarm at the command center(s).

RMS Energy will target the EMSA and Watchkeeper systems for use in several high-profile industries, including electrical utilities, petrochemical, industrial and commercial facilities, data centers, gaming, colleges and universities, medical facilities and other critical markets that depend on safe, reliable electrical power.

RMS ENERGY CO. is an energy industry leader, providing comprehensive solutions in isolated phase, non-seg and cable bus systems, switchgear, substations, transformers, relays, commissioning, monitoring and testing, engineering, professional services and more.

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