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Spotlight on Field and Commissioning Services

Facilities with critical power systems have come to rely on RMS ENERGY for its comprehensive field and commissioning services available nationwide. From electrical apparatus testing and maintenance, to transformer testing, switchgear modernization, breaker service, repairs, parts procurement and emergency services and more, RMS will help keep any critical power system running at peak efficiency.

A rundown of our services include:

  • Electrical apparatus testing and maintenance

  • Acceptance testing and commissioning for new installs

  • Transformer testing & diagnostic services

  • Low & medium voltage breaker retrofit/ retrofill

  • NERC compliance & SCADA

  • Switchgear modernization & replacement services

  • Switchyard breaker service, repair, replacement

  • Protective relay upgrades

  • Electrical apparatus repairs & parts procurement

  • 24/7 emergency repair & replacement of electrical apparatus

Contact us for a comprehensive plan for your power facility.

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