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Armstrong Energy

Owner: GDF Suez

Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to install a new air system on generating units operated by GDF Suez Energy Resources. The project involved cryogenic cleaning of the Isolated Phase Bus Duct (IPBD) along with bus inspection, which was accommodated by cutting inspection ports to allow work access. A new air system was then successfully installed on generating units #2 and #3.

About the Client: GDF SUEZ Energy Resources is one of the largest retail electricity providers in the U.S.—with more than 70,000 commercial and industrial accounts in Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and Texas.


  • Cryogenically clean Isolated Phase Bus Duct

  • Perform inspection of bus

  • Cut inspection ports to allow access

  • Weld new patch when finished

  • Installed air system on Units 2 & 3

Bailly Generating Station

Owner: Bailly Generating Station – Chesterton, Indiana

Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to perform emergency maintenance on an Isolated Phase Bus (IPB) system at the Bailly Generating Station in Indiana. This project included the immediate mobilization of men and resources to preform a comprehensive site assessment, as well as discussing with the client the scope of required work and necessary actions that best suit the needs of their facility. RMS Energy was tasked with cryogenically cleaning and regasketing the entire IPB system, as well as the installation of various critical components to limit system downtime and handle the emergency situation safely.

About the Client: The Bailly Generating Station in Chesterton, Indiana, is a 604MW coal-fired electric generating plant. The plant began operating in 1962 and is owned and operated by NIPSCO, one of the seven energy distribution companies of NiSource Inc. (NYSE: NI). With more than 821,000 natural gas customers and 468,000 electric customers across the northern third of Indiana, NIPSCO is the largest natural gas distribution company and second largest electric distribution company in the state.


  • Immediately mobilize repair team and equipment to cryogenically clean inside IPB enclosure, conductor and insulator

  • New gasket installation of entire system

  • Install new sections of conductor and enclosure at AUX Transformer

Bartow Power Plant

Owner: Duke Energy


Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to develope a plan to aid in the replacement of the two (2) 18kV bushings at the Bartow Station U4S GSU Transformer that were “pitted” from “weld splatter”. RMS Energy removed hardware, adapter bars and flexible braided connections,  removed the existing bushings and installed the new bushings.  RMS re-installed adapter bars, flexible braided connections and hardware.


About the Client: The facility is located in St. Petersburg in Pinellas County. The plant includes these power generating units: Four 59-MW General Electric MS7000 simple-cycle gas turbine peaking units, designated as Nos. P-1, P-2, P-3 and P-4; and Combined-cycle Unit 4, consisting of four 215-MW Siemens SGT6-5000F combined-cycle gas turbine-electrical generators (CTs) and four duct-fired heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs). The steam generated in the four Unit 4 HRSGs is used in a single nominal 420-MW steam turbine-electrical generator (STG).


  • Cut hole in top of the Transformer doghouse 

  • Remove hardware, adapter bars and flexible braided connections 

  • Assist others in the removal of the bushings and reinstallation of the new bushings 

  • RMS crew will facilitate the removal of the existing bushings and reinstallation of the new bushings in any way possible b. From rigging, flagging, cleaning, spotting, etc. 

  • Re-install adapter bars, flexible braided connections and hardware 

  • Adequately and securely cover the bushings and hardware and re-weld the transformer doghouse 

Blue Spruce Energy Center

Owner: Xcel Energy


Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to perform an inspection of the Isolated Phase Bus. This resulted in the replacement of bellows, gaskets on inspection covers, and replacement hardware for 2 units.


About the Client:  Xcel Energy purchased Blue Spruce Energy Center from Calpine Corporation in 2010 to add to the diversity of its generation resource mix. These units can be operated on natural gas or fuel oil. Blue Spruce delivers efficient, low-impact, environmentally-friendly power for peak demand. The plant’s turbine design and advanced emissions control technology reduce nitrogen oxide emissions when compared to older plants.


  • Open IPB system and perform a random inspection and provide an assessment  

  • Replace Bellows, gaskets on inspection covers and replacement hardware for 2 units 

  • Spot checking isolated phase bus 

  • Further cleaning, maintenance or repairs upon completion

Brownsville Combustion Turbine Plant (TVA)

Owner:  Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)


Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to create a structural concrete slab extension to accommodate the repositioning of existing equipment at this plant. 

About the Client: The Brownsville Combustion Turbine site, built in 1999, sits on 85 acres located in Haywood County, Tenn., approximately five miles southeast of Brownsville. Units 1 and 2 are Westinghouse 501FD5 (with steam injection), but units 3 and 4 are 501FD5A machines with water injection (so they do not have a once-through steam generator). The plant has summer net generating capability of 468 megawatts.


  • Form & dowel into existing concrete curbing w/ #4 bar at 16”O.C.

  • New concrete pad extension to be approx.15”x 50”4

  • Pour high early strength 5,000 PSI concrete

Boundary Dam

About the Client: The Boundary Hydroelectric Project, located on the Pend Oreille River in Northeastern Washington, supplies more than one-third of Seattle City Light's power. Discover the Boundary Hydroelectric Project nestled in the foothills of the Selkirk Mountains and positioned along the banks of the scenic Pend Oreille (pronounced "pond-ah-ray") River.

Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to perform work at this dam. RMS was hired to cut and remove the existing isolated phase bus duct from Transformer 2. They then prepped the existing bus for reinstallation and installed three new isophase bus drops to existing bus.


  • Cut and remove existing isolated phase bus duct from transformer 

  • Prep existing bus for reinstallation 

  • Standby 3 days while existing transformer is removed and the new transformer is set into place 

  • Install new transformer compartments (qty. 3) 

  • Install new IPB drops to existing bus (qty. 3)

Cabin Creek Generating Station

Owner: Xcel Energy


Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to inspect for deficiencies on all reachable components of the Isolated phase bus system, including insulators, seal off bushings, expansions, equipment terminations, grounds, gaskets, access covers, terminal silver plating, conductor and enclosure condition.

About the Client: Cabin Creek is a pumped storage hydroelectric plant located high in the Rocky Mountains at 10,018 feet above sea level near Georgetown, Colo. Water is supplied from two reservoirs totaling almost 2,000 acre-feet, enough for full load operation for both units for four hours. During periods of peak electricity demand on Xcel Energy’s Colorado system, electricity is generated by releasing water from the upper reservoir through a tunnel, which turns the turbine generators. The water is then stored in the lower reservoir. In the early hours of the morning when electricity use by the company’s customers is low, water is pumped back to the upper reservoir. Cabin Creek has the ability to respond to increases in customer demand quicker than any other plant on our system. It is classified as a facility required for reliable operation of the grid.


  • Inspect for deficiencies all reachable components of the Isolated phase bus system, including but not limited to insulators, seal off bushings, expansions, equipment terminations, grounds, gaskets, access covers, terminal silver plating, conductor and enclosure condition 

  • If present, inspect drains to be free and clear and in working order

Canal Generating Station

Owner: NRG Energy

Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to replace the transformer low voltage termination hardware, which was caused due to heating. This included isolation kits for LV termination enclosures, copper adapter bars, braids and other hardware. 

About the Client: The Canal Generating Plant is a petroleum and natural gas electrical power station located in Sandwich, Massachusetts. Opened in 1968, and first operating with coal, the plant was bought by Mirant in 1999 (now GenOn Energy Holdings, part of NRG Energy). It is located on and named after the Cape Cod Canal. Though today functioning only as a peaking plant, the Canal plant formerly generated the vast majority of the cape's power during its peak operating period.


  • Replace transformer LV termination hardware, including:

  • Isolation kits for LV termination enclosures

  • Copper adapter bars

  • Braids

  • Hardware

Calumet Power Plant

Owner: Calumet Energy LLC is a partnership between Wisvest Corporation, SkyGen Energy LLC and Roy F. Weston Inc. Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation

Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to perform a variety of work at this power plant. See the detail below.


About the Client: Calumet Power Plant is a 300-megawatt, natural gas-fired power generation facility at 11601 S. Torrence Ave. in Chicago. The power generation facility was completed in June 2001


  • Removal of Existing Dry-type Transformers

  • Disconnect Primary, Secondary Connections

  • Disconnect Transformer Base from foundation

  • Properly Rig and Remove existing transformers to equipment laydown area 

  • Properly Dispose of removed transformers 

  • Installation of New ABB Liquid-Filled Transformers

  • Modify transformer enclosure bottom plate to accept existing power and auxiliary cable conduits

  • Rig, set, and anchor new transformers

  • Install cable supports

  • Re-connect primary, secondary, and grounding connections

  • Terminate all auxiliary control wiring Cable Testing

  • Perform as-found and as-left cable megger testing on Primary and Secondary cables o Includes Disconnect and re-terminating Cables at load where applicable

Carroll County Energy

Owner: Bechtel


Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to install and test three new isolated phase bus duct systems. This included rigging, setting and installing structural support steel, welding in enclosure covers and setting and realigning GSU and generator flange. More detail below.


About the Client: Carroll County Energy is a electric generation facility that will use clean-burning U.S. natural gas to produce power for American homes and businesses. At 700 megawatts, the facility will fill energy needs which are expected to increase as 6,300 megawatts of conventional coal-fired generation in Ohio goes into retirement by 2015.


  • Transfer material from laydown area to power block as required 

  • Rig, set and install structural support steel – anchor bolts by others 

  • Rig, set and align new bus duct sections 

  • Weld-in enclosure covers throughout length of entire bus run 

  • Install required OEM insulating material at GSU and generator flange 

  • Rig, set and align GSU and generator compartment(s)  

  • Bolt-on compartments with required OEM insulating hardware 

  • Install required gasket material 

  • Clean inside of bus and termination enclosures 

  • FME inspection 

  • Perform DC Hi-Pot 

  • Install termination assemblies to all connected equipment.


Cayuga Operating Company

Owner: Cayuga Operating Company
Contracted through: Cayuga Operating Company

Project Summary: RMS Energy was contracted to perform a thorough inspection, cleaning and conduct maintenance of the Isolated Phase Bus Duct (IPBD). Cleaning included dry ice-blasting of insulators and conductors, and wiping the interior and exterior of the bus duct of coal dust. Gaskets and new insulators were installed.

About the Client: Cayuga Operating Company is a 306 MW pulverized coal-fired power plant located in Lansing, NY, on the eastern shore of Cayuga Lake.

Read the testimonial from Cayuga Operating Company


  • Performed inspection, cleaning and maintenance of Isolated Phase Bus (IPB) duct

  • Initial Hi-Pot tripped off on all 3 phases of IPB

  • Removed all covers from IPB and dry ice blasted insulators, conductor and wiped the inside and outside of the enclosure of coal dust

  • Scrape existing gaskets from access doors and covers and install new, torque loose insulators to proper specs

  • Dry ice-blasted generator lead boxes, transformer and PT cabinets

  • Removed cleaned and reinstalled bus bars

  • Reinstall gasket covers and enclosures

  • HI-Pot test successfully passed all three phases

Chehalis Station

Owner: PacifiCorp

Project Summary: RMS Energy was contracted to do a reinstallation of an Isolated Phase Bus Generator Step-Up (GSU) Dog Box for PacifiCorp in a tight turnaround of 24 hours. The project included installation of temporary support for the IPB, installation of a new transformer doghouse, shorting plates and bonding bars, and successful reinstallation of removed sections of the IPB.

About the Client: PacifiCorp is one of the western United State’s leading utility companies. It operates as Pacific Power in Oregon, Washington and California; and as Rocky Mountain Power in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho.


  • Cut enclosure and conductor on three phases

  • Installed temporary support for Isolated Phase Bus, install new transformer doghouse on new transformer

  • Installed new shorting plates and bonding bars

  • Reinstalled removed sections of IPB

  • Installed new adapter plates and flexes

Cunningham Generating Station

Owner: Xcel Energy

Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to perform a replacement of the generating station's non-segregated bus run, from SWG to XFRM. This project was completed on time and on budget.

About the Client: Cunningham Station was named in honor of Jack Cunningham, a former Southwestern Public Service president, one of the predecessor companies to Xcel Energy. Cunningham Station is a zero discharge plant; no process waters are discharged from the plant site. Cooling water from Cunningham Station is reused to irrigate nearby pecan tree orchards.

Detail: Replacement of non-seg bus from SWG to XFRM.

DC Cook Plant

Owner: AEP Energy

Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to install new non-seg bus and support steel on Unit CD and AB for AEP Energy. The project included successful installation of new iron, termination enclosure and Non-Seg Bus Duct that would tie in to the existing cable bus).

About the Client: AEP Energy is a certified Retail Electric Service (CRES) provider that supplies electricity to business and residential customers in Illinois, Ohio and other deregulated electricity markets. AEP Energy also offers energy solutions, including demand response and energy efficiency services, nationwide.


  • Installed new non-seg bus and support steel for Unit AB

  • Installed new iron, termination enclosure and bus duct

  • Made cuts in the top of the loop feed enclosure and install drops

  • Tied in existing cable bus to new non-seg bus duct

Debary Power Plant

Project Summary:  RMS Energy worked on the GAC for units PO7 and PO8 at the Debary, Florida, Power Station. Did a complete inspection of the bus bars and connections inside the GAC on both units and did a complete cleaning of the connections and bus bars. Inside the GAC we found it to be dirty, cleaned and vacuumed out dirt. PO8 GAC was found dirty, so cleaned and vacuumed everything out. After finishing the cleaning and inspecting of the PO8 GAC, Hi-Pot tested was completed and the Hi-Pot passed with low micro ampere readings.


- Inspection of the bus bars and connections inside the GAC on both units

- Cleaning of the connections and bus bars.

- PO8 GAC found dirty; cleaned and vacuumed.

- After finishing cleaning and inspecting of PO8 GAC, Hi-Pot tested was completed and passed with low micro ampere readings.

Desert Basin Generating Station

Owner: SRP


Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to perform an inspection of insulators and inside areas of enclosure between Circuit Breaker and GSU on CTG2 and STG Units, installed new gasket around GSU bushing flange and doghouse to seal gap, and performed a variety of other maintenance work at this facility. 


About the Client: Desert Basin is a combined cycle, natural gas-fired generating unit with two combustion turbines, two heat recovery steam generators and one steam turbine. Located in Casa Grande, Ariz.


  • Perform inspection of insulators and inside areas of enclosure between Circuit Breaker and GSU on CTG2 and STG Units 

  • Install new gasket around GSU bushing flange and doghouse to seal gap 

  • Inspect termination assemblies for the integrity of the silvered surface 

  • Perform inspection of reachable insulators 

  • Re-use of existing hardware

  • Hand wipe and vacuum reachable areas inside enclosure 

DTE Essex

Owner: DTE Essex – Detroit, Michigan

Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to perform the air bushing to transformer connection, as well as the installation of a new through-wall compartment of an IPBD system at the DTE Essex Plant in Detroit, Michigan. The project included highly skilled field modifications that were customized to the system, as well as assistance of the DTE teams with the installation and testing of the components.

About the Client: The DTE Essex plant, located in Detroit, Michigan, is an energy generating sub-station owned and operated by DTE.


•    Modified IPB
•    Installed bottom section of steel in wall opening
•    Assisted DTE with installation of steel and bushings
•    Modified termination enclosure, installed bushings, aligned, and conducted braid        out

DTE Rennaisance Power Plant

Owner: DTE Energy

Project Summary: RMS Energy was hired to redesign the isolated phase bus (IPB) at the DTE Renaissance Power Plan in Carson City, Michigan. The project included precise measurement of a new XFMR with an offset, along with removal of the old IPB and installation of the new IPB from PDUB.  The facility serves the power needs of approximately 260,000 households.

About the Client: DTE Energy is a Detroit-based diversified energy company involved in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services nationwide. Its operating units include an electric utility serving 2.1 million customers in Southeastern Michigan and a natural gas utility serving 1.2 million customers in Michigan. 

Project Details:

Measure original bus for redesign (modify from Alstom IPB to PDUB IPB)
Measure existing bus measurement to location of new XFMR with an offset 
Remove old IPB
Install new IPB from PDUB
Silver-plate LV bushing connections

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