RMSPower Generation Systems

RMS Energy has a comprehensive approach to power demands and standby power requirements for commercial, industrial and utility users. With RMSPower, you get a complete integrated power generation system that is reliable and scalable with built-in redundancy. 

RMSPower is a modular design that includes power ratings of 600kW to 3125kW, with the ability to increase power. Gensets and enclosures are UL 2200.

RMSPower includes:

  • Switchgear, controls and monitoring software

  • Turnkey installation

  • Scalability with capacity to grow with power demands

  • EPA Tier 4 Final certified genset

    • Enables peak-shaving and demand response operation

    • No federal limits on run-time​

    • Meets or exceeds EPA emission standards

    • No emissions test requirements following installation

RMSPower from RMS Energy can create a strong return on investment for utility companies and the end user. Contact us to learn more.


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