Inspections, Cleaning and Repair

Rely on Team RMS for Inspections, Cleaning and Repair of critical power generation equipment.


RMS Energy conducts full diagnostics that use a combination of approaches to identify weaknesses and damage, including a complete visual inspection, thermal imaging, EMI diagnostics and Hi-Pot and Megger testing. This diagnostic helps to identify damaged support insulators, corrosion, faulty bus connections, stray currents, defective insulation, damaged hardware and other weaknesses.


Our teams will remove all debris and other loose material from the bus shell. We’ll also cryogenically clean and hand wipe bus walls, insulators, and other equipment with our environmentally friendly process.


If there’s damage or other weaknesses, RMS crews will replace insulators, gasket material and any other hardware that are damaged, aged or identified as a system weakness. We will also re-silver plate terminals while they’re on the apparatus, and verify all ground connections. Our thorough testing will also ensure that your Isolated Phase Bus (IPB), seg, non-seg or cable system is properly restored and performing optimally before we leave the job.

The RMS Energy team will work with you and your organization end-to-end to get the job inspected, cleaned and repaired thoroughly and efficiently. Contact us to get started right away.

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