The Maintenance of Isolated Phase Bus Duct Systems

Service Approaches to maintenance of Isolated Phase Bus Duct (IPBD) systems are not maintenance-free. Often, plant managers will make an incorrect assumption that IPB systems are self-maintained with little human intervention needed. However, IPB systems should be treated with utmost importance, being inspected, cleaned, monitored and maintained on a regular basis for optimal performance.

Typical service approaches to maintenance of IPB systems include:

  • Cleaning bus walls, equipment and insulators, inside and out

  • Removal of debris or other loose material from the bus enclosure

  • Replacing insulators that are damaged or aged

  • Re-silvering of plated terminals

  • Verifying ground connections

There are several critical components of IPB systems that must be inspected regularly and maintained proactively. These components include:

  • Termination assemblies / Expansion joints (including flex connectors and bellows)

  • Insulators

  • Grounding connections

  • Seal-off bushing

  • Drain plugs

RMS Energy has a full White Paper on the Criticality of Preventive Maintenance of Isolated Phase Bus Duct systems. Contact Us to gain access to this piece.

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