Need Parts? Think RMS.

Every power generation facility needs access to the right parts to keep things running smoothly, and even more so, to recover quickly from an emergency.

No matter the OEM or original source, count on RMS Energy to assess, recommend and fulfill spare or maintenance parts for your entire bus duct system.

Spare parts can be problematic for any major power generation facility. Where do you get them? Are they the right part for the job? Will it fit the budget? These are questions that keep operations managers up at night.

When it comes to replacement and emergency parts, THINK RMS ENERGY. We have access to most any part that your facility will need, including:

  • Heaters

  • Porcelain insulators

  • Flexible connectors

  • Insulating material

  • Neutral grounding & current transformers

  • Silver-plated copper adapters

  • Gasket material

  • And much more.

RMS Energy is a professional nationwide construction and consulting firm in the energy industry. The RMS team is comprised of well-trained and experienced installation professionals who perform all aspects of isolated phase bus duct (IPBD), cable, non-seg and segregated bus maintenance, inspections, removal, installations, retrofitting and testing. Services also include cutting, aluminum and substation welding, transformer termination compartment removal, and provision of replacement and emergency parts.

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