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RMS Energy is an international consulting and construction firm that works with power generation facilities to help keep them operating at peak efficiency.

Services Overview

Learn how RMS Energy can become your go-to team for inspections, repair, new installations, maintenance, and monitoring on bus duct systems, transformers, relays, switchgear, power control rooms and more. 

Our downloadable brochure also provides information on our emergency services and safety record. 

White Paper

RMS Energy published a White Paper called " The Criticality of Proactive Maintenance on Isolated Phase Bus Duct Systems."  


The document is a comprehensive look at the various components of isolated phase bus duct systems that should be inspected, repaired and maintained on a regular basis.


RMS Energy has created a variety of videos designed to inform plant and operations managers the importance of inspections and preventive maintenance on isolated phase bus duct systems.

Watch our exclusive video on what to look for when doing inspections on isolated phase bus duct systems. 

Want to learn more?

We want to help! From installations, to maintenance, repair, refurbishments, monitoring and more, RMS Energy can be your GO TO TEAM. Reach out to us and let's start a conversation.

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