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Transformers are the single most important part of any power system. Transformers that are improperly installed or lack a preventative, long-term maintenance routine can risk failures that lead to excessive downtime and costly repairs. Any electrical system or power facility with a transformer must seek regular and reliable large power transformer and substation equipment field service.

RMS Energy is an electrical engineering, consulting and construction firm serving power stations all across the United States. We can help your electrical system operate at peak efficiency with specialization in all forms of transformer installations, transformer maintenance, electrical systems testing and transformer repairs.


​RMS Energy has the skilled, trained and experienced specialists you need for transformer installation. Regardless of the transformer design, our team has the know-how and tools to complete the job quickly and safely. Our power transformer installation service includes:

  • Transformer assembly

  • Transformer oil processing, vacuum filling, heating and circulation

  • LTC and control wiring

  • Pre- and post-electrical testing


​No transformer installation is complete without various forms of testing. We also perform transformer maintenance testing and evaluations as part of our routine servicing and transformer repairs.

  • Complete electrical testing as defined by IEEE and NETA

  • Megger testing

  • Winding resistance

  • Power factor

  • Transformer Turn Ratio (TTR)

  • Leakage reactance test

  • SFRA

RMS Energy installing a transformer at a power facility

​Wear and tear on transformers and their components is severe. Transformers ensure all manner of weather while conducting business for power stations and numerous stakeholders and clients. RMS Energy technicians are trained and experienced for transformer maintenance and repairs on a wide variety of models and designs. Some of our services include: 

  • Repairs on all OEM transformers

  • Repairs of load tap changers 

  • Testing

  • Oil processing

  • Complete re-gasketing

  • Bushing and gauge replacement

  • Radiators, coolers, pumps and fans

  • Replace fluids (mineral oil, FR3, Luminol)

Contact the nationwide specialists at RMS Energy when you need transformer maintenance, repairs or transformer installations for your electrical system.

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