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RMS Energy is a nationwide electrical consulting and construction firm that helps power generation and distribution systems to operate at peak efficiency. We specialize in:

  • Isolated Phase Bus Systems

  • Cable Bus Systems

  • Non-Segregated Bus Systems

  • Bus Bar

  • Switchgear

  • Substations

  • Transformers

  • Protection and Control Relays

  • Circuit Breakers


RMS Energy teams are experienced professionals who are trained on every job they undertake. Part of that training is ensuring that safety is a Number One priority. With an industry-low EMR, safety is embedded in the RMS Energy culture.

Specialty Services


Sometimes an emergency is defined not by what caused it, but by how it is handled. Count on RMS Energy to help you respond quickly and efficiently to an unforeseen problem or equipment failure at your facility.

With Emergency Services from RMS Energy, we’ll head to your site within 24 hours of your first phone call. Whether your emergency is a transformer problem, a bus failure, damage from fire, a generator rewind, or something else unexpected, RMS Energy will analyze the problem fast, put a plan together, and get right to work.



At RMS Energy, we are closely monitoring the changing conditions of the COVID-19 outbreak. Our teams have been instructed to abide by the guidance published by the CDC and other governmental authorities. 

Many of our face-to-face meetings with customers are being converted to phone and video conferences. We are limiting non-essential travel, and when we need to be onsite at a customer location, we abide by the customer's COVID-19 policies and practices while taking our own necessary precautions to stay safe and well.

At RMS, we are dedicated to helping the power generation and distribution industry to continue running at peak efficiency. We will closely monitor the situation and are available for consultation for any of your maintenance, inspection, installation and emergency needs.



Question: Do you know what you get when you cross a raccoon with a transformer?


Answer: A really bad day.


And that’s exactly what happened recently at a power plant in Florida, which put RMS Energy’s emergency services to work. A raccoon had penetrated the plant’s grounds and climbed up a 20 MVA power transformer.


The result was an unplanned outage and a six-figure repair bill for damaged components. We don’t want to begin to describe what happened to the poor critter...


Utility substations are often faced with outages and expensive repairs due to wildlife intrusions just like the one in Florida. Even smaller critters like snakes, squirrels and cats can be troublesome, making the lives of power plant operators difficult.


The deterrent? Energized fencing. Such fencing has proven to be effective at more than 3,000 utility substations in preventing wildlife breaches. To learn more about how you can protect your facility from unplanned outages and expensive repairs due to wildlife (and protect wildlife too), contact RMS Energy.


Fill out the form to request a quote on a project from RMS Energy! Whether it's new installation, repair or retrofitting of an existing bus system, transformer or other critical equipment, RMS will respond and follow up to provide you with a comprehensive quote to fit your budget and time requirements.


RMS Energy Projects

From Our Clients

The RMS team is professional and well-trained. They did a great job, inside and out.

I'm writing to express my appreciation for the efforts of RMS Energy. A job well done.

Thank you, RMS. You came in on time, and on budget.

I have found the work of RMS Energy to be professional, efficient and effective. 

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RMS Energy has created a variety of industry-related videos to help plant managers and others who are responsible for maintenance and of power facilities to learn more.

TLC from RMS

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The safe way to clean equipment


RMS Energy has several informative videos about isolated phase bus, non-seg and cable bus systems. These videos go into detail about the maintenance required and what to regularly look for on bus systems.

Isolated Phase Bus Systems

How to inspect and maintain

Cable, Seg and Non-Segregated

How to inspect and maintain

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