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RMS Energy is your go-to team for emergency services at your electrical power system or facility. Whether you are experiencing equipment failure or some other unforeseen problem, we can respond quickly with a skilled team of technicians. With 17 branch locations strategically spread across the united states, we are ready for rapid deployments in the event of emergencies.

  • Bus failure

  • Bus duct replacement

  • Fire damage

  • Transformer problems

  • Generator problems

  • Arc flash

  • Cable bus

  • Water damage

  • And more

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Call 888-683-3630 for emergency services, 24/7.


Sometimes an emergency is defined not by what caused it but by how it's handled. Slow or unsure responses to emergencies can raise the level of an emergency and cause even more problems with downtime. You can count on professional teams from RMS Energy to help you respond quickly and efficiently to an unforeseen problem or equipment failure at your facility.

RMS Energy emergency teams will deploy to your site with 24 hours of your first phone call. Whether your emergency is a transformer problem, a bus failure, damage from water or fire, a generator re-wind or something else unexpected, RMS Energy will analyze the problem fast, put a plan together and get right to work. Electrical engineering and repairs in the field are at the top of our list of specialties.


RMS Energy technicians are skilled and equipped to perform all the necessary testing on your power system in the field, including EMSA testing, transformer oil testing, electrical switchgear testing, bus duct testing and more. Our advanced power systems testing can ensure a quick return to full service and limited downtime after repairs are completed.

RMS Energy has solid working relationships with all of the top Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of electrical components. This means we are able to fast-track shipments of new parts to your power station or another location, so your downtime for repairs is limited.

When it comes to emergency response, rely on RMS Energy to be your go-to team to get you back up and running right away. Call us anytime, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, at 1-888-683-3630 for emergency electrical repairs nationwide.

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