RMS Energy Bus Solutions


RMS Energy offers a full range of comprehensive bus duct system solutions that ensure peak operating efficiency on your power system. Our bus solutions include everything from bus installations, to modifications, repairs, transformer/GCB retrofits, inspections, testing, cleaning and more.

  • Greenfield installation

  • Bus modifications / retrofits

  • Transformer retrofits

  • Generator Switchgear retrofits

  • Inspection, maintenance and repairs

  • Parts supply

  • Design engineering and studies


EMSA Testing

EMSA (Electromagnetic Signature Analysis) testing can be performed to locate electrical partial discharge and arcing, loose connections, and broken insulators while online.


IR Inspection

Thermography can be performed to locate any potential heating issues and circulating ground currents.


Visual Inspection

Visual inspection of the bus system exterior is performed to determine general condition and locate areas of concern for further inspection.


General Condition Assessment (Level 1)

A condition assessment inspection is a minimally invasive inspection used to follow up online testing if no major areas of concerns are found.

Offline Inspection & Maintenance (Level 2)

During a full offline inspection, all accessible interior and exterior areas of the bus are inspected and primary components cleaned by hand, including insulators, flexible braids,

and bushings.

Cryogenic Cleaning (Level 3)

If significant buildup of debris and contamination  is expected, or carbon from arcing is present, cryogenic cleaning can be performed to thoroughly clean the interior of the bus.


If concerns are uncovered during inspection and maintenance, an engineered solution to mitigate the problems can be developed to improve the condition of the system and extend the serviceable life. 

Upgrades to retrofit new technology into an aging system can provide better reliability for the future without a full replacement.

Isophase bus installation staging

Thermal scan of IPBD system

Cracked insulator

Corrosion damage

Non-Seg bus install from RMS

Non-seg installation 

Water intrusion 

Partial discharge