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The RMS Energy benefits program goes beyond the basics. We strive to support the needs of our team and their dependents by providing a program that is easy to understand, comprehensive and affordable.


RMS Energy offers two medical plan options to choose from.

You’ll have both FSA & HSA options for saving pre-tax dollars for eligible expenses.

We offer dental and vision coverage, free for employees and affordable for family members.


RMS Energy offers short-term and long-term income protection so you can be covered when the unexpected happens.


We offer free access to a Benefit Resource Center (BRC), which is designed to provide you with a responsive, consistent, hands-on approach to benefit inquiries.


At RMS Energy, we know that everyone’s financial situation is different. We’re paid weekly so you can make sure your expenses are covered.

Our 401K offers a variety of investment options with an employer contribution to help you reach your savings goals.


You’ll have access to one-on-one financial support to ensure all your retirement questions are answered.


Our Employee Assistance Program offers free consultations to help with budget planning or debt consolidation.


Our Employee Assistance Program offers in-person or virtual counseling sessions for you and your family.

You and your family can access webinars, live talks, and articles on topics such as child and elder care, education, parenting and more.


We offer paid time off and paid holidays.


RMS Energy is a great place for career growth and accessible training opportunities.

Through on the job training, onsite seminars, and online webinars, we ensure that each member of the team can expand their skills and continue to progress in their career.

We support career growth through our education assistance program, we support professional organization membership and professional license fees.

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