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Inspections and Regular Maintenance of Bus Duct Systems Can Prevent Costly, Emergency Repairs and Unplanned Outages

Regular inspections are encouraged to combat:

  • Moisture intrusion

  • High temperatures

  • Dust and dirt incursion

  • Equipment failures

Ensure your systems are at peak operating condition and avoid expensive repair work and downtime. If you spot the following in your inspection, contact us immediately.

These just a few of the warning signs that can lead to system failures and require urgent attention. Trust RMS Energy for local expertise, support and field services to keep you energized and productive:

  • Solutions for isolated phase, segregated and non-segregated bus duct systems

  • Best in class safety record and training programs

  • Qualified welders and technicians trained and experienced in nuclear, hydro, petro-chemical plants, and all utility environments

  • Cryogenic cleaning

  • Emergency response

  • Upgrade and modify existing systems

  • Turnkey replacement for outdated systems and components

  • Support and replacement parts for all manufacturers' bus systems

  • Emergency response

Contact us for a comprehensive inspection, cleaning and maintenance plan for your bus duct system.

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